VJ App

Visuals controlled by MIDI- Dec 2017
  1. Team
    • Ruuben Lambrechts
    • Wouter Landuydt
  2. Category
    • Experimental Web
  3. ClientSchool

Project Description

For our final web programming course we had to create a web based application that combines one of the technologies we saw in class and one new technology we could experiment with. No browser requirements.

We chose to combine Web MIDI, Web Audio and three.js to create a visual jockey application.

The app displays different visuals depending on MIDI output so that everyone can easily manipulate beat sensitivity, size, speed,... As a bonus we integrated Web Audio to detect frequencies and manipulate visuals even more.

It was hard to combine all those technologies in one project and to maintain a clean code structure. After all, we learned a lot and it was fun to experiment with sound, MIDI and visuals.