Students on Stage

Static promo website- May 2018
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Project Description

This year I was asked by Unifac for the second time to create their Students on Stage promosite. The goal was to create a more maintainable website with a flexible CMS. They were already happy with the current design but I saw some chances for improvement.

Redesigning the site was easy. We collaborated using Sketch Cloud and after 2-3 iterations I got a GO and could start developing the site.

For the technical stack of this project I had to make some decisions. I love using React so using react-static as a static site generator was a logical step. I experimented with Contentful and Prismic CMS's and found out that Prismic suits best for this smaller project. This webiste is hosted on Netlify with continous integration. It was very easy to collaborate and test out different approaches.

After many lighthouse audits to improve performance and accessibility we shipped the product and I'm very happy with the result.