Bring youngsters to MSK- Jun 2017
  1. Team
    • Eva Baete
    • Ruuben Lambrechts
    • Wouter Landuydt
  2. Category
    • React Application
  3. ClientMSK Ghent - School

Project Description

MSK Ghent was sure that their museum could attract more young people and students. Together with CMD Rotterdam we were given the opportunity to create a digital solution to this unique problem. In just 3 weeks we had to come up with a creative concept and a working prototype.

We did a lot of brainstorms and came up with the campaign "Don't Look Too Far For Culture". Young people should be informed in a fun way that culture is right around the corner.

We printed that message on everyday objects. People should get the same feeling going tho the MSK as when they go on a trip.

To further extend the campaign we made a web application that suggests a tour through the MSK based on the countries and art you already like. The app calculates how far you would have to travel to see all art you picked from a map.

This was my first more advanced React project and I learned lots about Mapbox and Mobx.