Jef's Moestuin

Interactive Garden- Jan 2018
  1. Team
    • Ruuben Lambrechts
    • Wouter Landuydt
  2. Category
    • Installation
  3. ClientJef Festival - School

Project Description

Every year JEF Festival hosts a medialab in Antwerp. We were given the opportunity to create an interactive installation for it. This year's theme was cooking. Our installation should reflect that and it needed to be kids-proof.

After a lot of brainstorms we came up with a final concept: a festival garden. Every visitor (young and old) can plant a seed of their choice and can see their vegetable grow during the festival.

We loved the idea that everyone could easily participate and something could be created every day of the festival.

For the seed tracking we did some research on different tracking methods. It needed to be reliable and durable. We experimented with Arduino and infrared LEDs but kids would break them and they need to be powered. A more reliable method we tried was fiducial tracking. Fiducials are like QR codes but simpler and easier to track. They don't need any power, which in our case was a major advantage.

For this project we came out of our JavaScript comfort zone and used openFrameworks (C++). It was time consuming to learn some basic principles but after being very sceptical in the beginning we are satisfied with the result.